雪莉赫特尔 - VP of 联运 销售


Vice President of 联运 销售

Sherry's in-depth industry knowledge spans ship, 运货马车运送, 联运, and truckload transportation from the international to the local level.


雪莉赫特尔's expertise spans the 运货马车运送, 联运, and truckload industries since 2004, and international transportation for the 20 years prior. Today she specializes in growing revenue and sustainability.

Over her 16-year tenure as VP of 销售 with SCE, Sherry grew the company from 80 trucks to over 250 trucks, with revenue growth from $9 million to $65 million. She transformed SCE's account base to largely beneficial cargo owner business partnerships by offering solutions to the everchanging port environment.

Sherry used her in-depth industry knowledge to maximize productivity, increase economic and cost-saving measures, and ensure data and visibility exchange by providing sustainability needs and requirements that are valuable mandates and priorities for retailers within their logistics and supply chain processes.

She has been an instrumental partner with the Los Angeles Ports complex and the South Coast Air Quality Management District in implementing LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) heavy-duty truck fleets.


Sherry's background is in international transportation working with steamship lines for 20 years before joining SCE. Her start as a Documentation Rate Clerk evolved into various Operations and 销售 positions within the lines she represented.

She holds a Global 物流 Specialist Professional Designation from CSULB that she acquired shortly after making the move to the trucking industry. With a limited perspective of global logistics from only the ocean freight point of view, she found the program extremely beneficial. The materials presented in the GLS program provided a broadened knowledge of the scope of logistics and assisted in making the crossover from international to domestic transportation. Having a complete understanding of the shipper's needs from ocean freight to warehousing and distribution allows her to meet the needs of her customers to the best of her company's ability.

Sherry has been a member of the Los Angeles Transportation Club since 1996, 自1997年起担任董事, and served as President of the organization in 2003.


  • 营收增长
  • Developing and growing business partnerships
  • 可持续性
  • 业务发展
  • 联运
  • 运货马车运送
  • 供应链管理



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