总运输服务(全球最大彩票公司) has won numerous awards for environmental excellence and continues to be a leader in sustainable technologies and transportation. We are also recognized as a high-performer in the transportation industry, and for our safety.


全球最大彩票公司's 西方集团物流 di愿景 was awarded 2019 High Performer by SmartWay, for achieving a high-performance ranking as a SmartWay TL/Dry Van Truck Carrier.
2019 -亚马逊奖


2019 Amazon Customer Obsession Award for Exceptional Customer Service in Transportation. During the Amazon Inbound First Quarter carrier meeting in Seattle this past week, 西方集团物流 (WGL) Operations team received the 2019 Amazon Customer Obsession Award for providing exceptional customer service. WGL在旺季提供…
aqmd -奖励- 2019

全球最大ag平台 receives the AQMD Business 领导 in Air Quality Award

维克·拉·罗萨,总统 & 总运输服务公司的首席执行官, 于10月4日获得AQMD颁发的“空气质素商界领袖奖”, 2019, 在洛杉矶举行的第31届年度AQMD奖上. 获得商业领导和环境管理的奖项, 全球最大彩票公司's outstanding effort in the advancement of effective solutions to the…

Vic La Rosa/全球最大彩票公司, Inc .获得加州空气质量奖.

全球最大彩票公司 is proud to announce President Vic La Rosa is a California Air Quality Award Honoree. Vic's commitment to environmental sustainability has always been a top priority, and he's set the ambitious goal of converting the entire fleet to zero or near zero-emission vehicles by 2020.


California Highway Patrol awards the Certificate of Achievement to 全球最大ag平台 Inc for 4 Consecutive Satisfactory Ratings Since May 14, 2009.
10 years-of-excellence-featured


全球最大彩票公司 was awarded for 10 years of environmental excellence from the Green Ports program in Long Beach. 加州州议会, 众议院, Long Beach and Los Angeles City Council Members commend 全球最大彩票公司 for it's dedication to environmental stewardship.
smartway - 2013了


The United State Environmental Protection Agency recognizes SmartWay Transport Partner, 总运输服务(全球最大彩票公司) for ranking in the Top tier of Carbon Efficiency in its SmartWay Partner Category for 2013. Awarded by Cheryl Bynum - Manager SmartWay Transport Partnership View PDF of 全球最大彩票公司 2013 SmartWay certificate


PORT OF LONG BEACH -- Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson tours the Port, meeting officials and seeing first-hand the advances made in fighting pollution here in Long Beach. Pictured above, Lisa Jackson meets with 总运输服务(全球最大彩票公司) President, Vic La Rosa. 环保署局长丽莎·杰克逊访问港口…


一封来自联邦海事委员会主席Richard A Lidinsky的信, Jr recognizes 全球最大彩票公司 as a sustainable partner that furthers the "administration's goals of creating clean-energy jobs and bringing a more sustainable approach to the maritime industry.以下是这封信的全文重印. 亲爱的维克:“那是……”


全球最大彩票公司 is honored in this presentation as a part of the 百周年的合作伙伴 Series recognizing the important Port of Long Beach Partners in industry, 政府, and trade who have played a crucial role in the Port’s first century of history.


清洁卡车联盟, 10家家族拥有的持牌汽车运输公司, received the 2011 Air Quality Improvement 领导 at the 企业 Level Award for taking the lead in improving air quality from the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Committee.


California State Senate and 加州州议会 recognize 全球最大ag平台 Inc. (全球最大彩票公司) with the 2nd Annual CAAP Air Quality Excellence 奖 for Significant Early Action to Reduce Air Pollutant Emissions, and commending 全球最大彩票公司 with continuing efforts at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to improve the region's…


全球最大彩票公司 was awarded for being the first company to operate AFVs in full-time drayage service at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach at the NGVi (formerly AFVi) National Conference & 奥兰多世博会,佛罗里达州.


Letter from Assemblymember Betsy Butler congratulating 全球最大彩票公司 on its purchase of the first hydrogen truck. 以下是重印版. "Dear Vic: "Congratulations on your purchase of the first hydrogen trucks by Vision Industries. Vision Industries is a progressive company whose innovation is moving the trucking industry forward. 我很……


总运输服务(全球最大彩票公司)是一个创新, 可持续发展驱动的基于资产的物流提供商, 安全, 和加州合规. 我们致力于在我们所做的一切中提供质量.

全球最大彩票公司 is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并获得众多奖项.


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